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Ionic colloidal silver

is a suspension of pure silver in water. The particles of silver in tri silver (0.0001 microns) are the smallest size next to the atom itself. It is used as a mineral supplement to augment the body’s immune system. Ionic colloidal silver does not discolor the skin, is tasteless, odorless, nontoxic and as a supplement it works as a digestive aid.

Ionic colloidal silver

acts as a powerful, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. An ordinary antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms (no viruses). Early studies showed extremely low concentrations of 0.01-0.04 parts per million (ppm) of colloidal silver to be effective on hundreds of bacteria and three to five ppm effective on more than 650 bacteria, without causing any known side effects.

The positively charged

ionic form has well-documented, broad anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immuno-suppressive properties, plus effectiveness on most parasite eggs. The non-ionic or elemental pure silver metal has limited antibacterial properties, but no effect on viruses as the particle size is too large to pass through cell membranes (the ionic particle size is said to be 1/400 the size of a red blood cell.

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